Mitigate the Risks Involved With Accepting, Processing, Storing and Transmitting Credit Card Data By Attaining Full PCI-DSS Compliance

Stop struggling to ensure PCI-DSS compliance - our Kaytuso: Comply+ for PCI-DSS solutions team makes it easy.

Kaytuso: Comply+ for PCI-DSS - Designed for Companies That Need to Meet and Maintain The Complex Compliance Regulations Mandated by the Major Card Brands

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a regulation that outlines how companies and organizations that process credit card payments should protect cardholder data. Despite the billions of dollars in credit card fraud that occur yearly — and the large fines that come with noncompliance — studies show that only half the organizations that accept credit cards are 100% PCI-DSS compliant.

Why do so many businesses struggle with PCI-DSS? The reason may be misinformation. Some businesses think that processing a low volume of card transactions exempts them from PCI-DSS, while others believe that outsourcing card processing absolves them of their compliance responsibilities. Both assumptions are wrong.

The fact is businesses and organizations that process any amount of credit card transactions are responsible for achieving full PCI-DSS compliance, which includes protecting cardholder data at every step of the payment process and beyond.

Kaytuso - PSI-DSS Compliance in One Package

Kaytuso: Comply+ is total PCI-DSS compliance in one package

Robust PCI-DSS compliance is complex, requiring a mix of legal, technical, and business skills to efficiently address over 300 separate regulatory requirements. Kaytuso: Comply+ for PCI-DSS gives businesses easy access to comprehensive compliance that doesn’t lower overall business efficiency and productivity.

Delivering on comprehensive PCI-DSS compliance consists of three phases — and each one of them is included in the Kaytuso: Comply+ solution

  • Comply+ Solution Assess

    Attain a clear picture of your PCI-DSS liability by analyzing systems and business processes for weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

  • Comply+ Solution Remediate

    Holistically address compliance gaps, including problems related to third-party vendors, cloud services, and mobile devices.

  • Comply+ Solution Report

    Compliance requires regularly submitting validation and compliance reports to your bank and card companies

Trust Kaytuso engineers to account for every detail

Unlike regulations like HIPAA, PCI-DSS is not federally enforced – the credit card companies enforce it. As a result, the regulation is known to change more frequently than others. Keeping track of the highly-technical details in PCI-DSS can greatly complicate the process of achieving full compliance, especially for companies that lack a strong technical team.

The security team at Kaytuso is well versed in the PCI-DSS technical requirements — as well as those of all other major compliance standards in the United States — which makes us an ideal partner to handle even the most challenging regulatory environments.

  • Firewall configuration
    Firewall configuration

    Firewalls help prevent unwanted access, but they must be configured correctly to ensure they're providing 10096 compliance. Kaytuso engineers will segment your network with the latest generation of firewall, isolate your cardholder data environment (CDE) from other systems, and ensure that proper logging and monitoring are performed, so your PCI-DSS audits never cause concern again.

  • Data Encryption
    Data encryption

    Data encryption is a significant focus of PCI-DSS. Kaytuso helps businesses employ Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128 or stronger key encryption, widely viewed by federal and state governments as the standard for robust encryption technology. We can combine AES encryption with other standards like PGP to ensure that data is protected equally while in transit and at rest.

Does your organization have the right physical security protections?

Although the majority of PCI-DSS is about securing technology, the regulation also contains requirements for physical security. Protecting devices, such as laptops, desktop PCs, servers, routers, as well as your physical facility, are all necessary to prevent fines by your credit card companies.

Kaytuso's cybersecurity and compliance services are trusted nationwide

Kaytuso - PSI-DSS Compliance Service

Our PCI-DSS compliance service includes fundamental improvements to your general cybersecurity protections as well, which help reduce the overall vulnerability, or “attack surface: of your network. To improve cybersecurity protections, we employ risk-based security strategies that are built around your team’s work habits and goals.

What defines a risk-based approach to security and compliance?

We’re strong believers in using the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework to help businesses achieve optimal security and PCI-DSS compliance. The NIST framework is seen as the gold standard in defining and optimizing cyber defenses.

We’ll guide you through each of the major phases of this framework until you’re PCI-DSS compliant and more.

  • Security and Compliance Approach - Identify Threats
    Identify threats

    We analyze your network and operations to find the exposures unique to your organization

  • Security and Compliance Approach - Analyze and Prioritize
    Analyze and prioritize

    Understanding which threats are most dangerous helps you address your vulnerabilities in the right order, and best spend your security budget

  • Security and Compliance Approach - Mitigate and Contain
    Mitigate and contain

    Cyberthreats cannot be eliminated, but once you have a clear picture of where your network susceptibilities lay, our experts can help you minimize and contain them

  • Security and Compliance Approach - Monitor and Review
    Monitor and review

    Cybersecurity protections need to be updated and tested regularly to account for changes in your computer systems and the evolving threat landscape

Kaytuso: Comply+ for PCI-DSS is Compliance Made Simple

It’s worth repeating that businesses that aren’t 100% PCI-DSS compliant are considered out of compliance. With no room for error, it’s easy to understand why many choose to enlist Kaytuso to help them overcome their PCI-DSS challenges.

Would you like to learn more about our experience with PCI-DSS? Our experts are always available to answer your questions and help you get on a path to long-lasting compliance with minimal stress and worry. Contact us any time at 212-792-9932 or with your questions!

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