Kaytuso: Educate — Critical Employee Cybersecurity Training from Trusted Experts to Prepare Against Sophisticated Cyber Threats

The IT security partners at Kaytuso provides customized on-site and online training to improve the most crucial component of your cyber defense: your staff

Cybersecurity Training & Development

Did you know that your team is your biggest cybersecurity vulnerability? Whether it’s their susceptibility to phishing or ransomware attacks, losing mobile devices, or simple negligence, studies consistently show that employee error is the root cause of most security incidents.

Cybersecurity training is the most cost-effective way to safeguard your organization, which is why the Kaytuso team created Kaytuso: Educate – a comprehensive training service that prepares employees to recognize and avoid the latest cybersecurity threats. By offering this service both on-site and online, the Kaytuso team ensures this critical resource is within easy reach of businesses and organizations across the country.

From annual on-site training sessions for your entire company to weekly security preparedness quizzes conducted online and everything in between – the Kaytuso team can work flexibly with your company schedule to train your staff on the latest best practices and prevent them from being the weak link in your cyber defenses.

Cybersecurity Training & Development

Cybersecurity Training for Organizations in All Industries

Each organization has its own unique security vulnerabilities, which is why the Kaytuso team tailors its training programs to meet the needs of each client. This includes preparing for the challenges and threats specific to your role and your industry, like the following.

  • Legal Services
    Law firms and others in the legal services field have strict requirements that cover both the handling of paper documents and digital security. We can help your staff adapt to the latest technologies and reduce liability with best practices in data hygiene and physical security for the legal services field.
  • Healthcare
    HIPAA stipulates that all covered entities train their workforce on policies and procedures for handling personally identifiable information (PHI), which includes best use policies, mobile technology use, and steps for suspected data breach mitigation.
  • Financial Services
    In addition to the phishing training that is part of all Kaytuso: Educate sessions, workers in the financial services field must be aware of a wide range of other attacks, like trojan botnets, ransomware, and more. Our training helps educate staff about these risks and build a culture of cybersecurity awareness and accountability.

Rigorous Phishing Training and Simulation

Phishing attacks, where hackers use fraudulent communications to trick employees into handing over sensitive information, are the most popular method of cyberattack in the United States. Despite existing for decades, employees continue to fall for even simple phishing attacks, which often lead to enormous financial, productivity, and reputational losses.

To strengthen your defenses, Kaytuso combines its training program with regular attack simulations that build awareness of all the phishing and social engineering techniques your employees may encounter.

Kaytuso training includes all-encompassing real-world simulations for of phishing and social engineering threats.

Kaytuso Phishing Training and Simulation

Training to Prepare for the Latest Ransomware Threats

Ransomware continues to be a major threat, having evolved on the dark web into new and more stealthy forms than in previous years. These diverse and increasingly sophisticated forms of ransomware not only pose a major challenge to anti-malware software; they’ve also been designed to subvert what your employees have been taught about ransomware protection.

Although ransomware defense is a largely technical process, your staff also plays a key role in preventing the damage from this new breed of ransomware attacks. Kaytuso can keep your team educated on the latest ransomware threats via documentation, simulations, and demonstrations, including how to recognize the strains of ransomware that are spread by complex social engineering methods, Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) kits, and others.

Teach Your Staff About the Importance of Digital Hygiene

Digital hygiene refers to how your employees conduct themselves on the Internet — including how they use collaboration software, file sharing applications, chat programs, social media, and more Keeping personal information and company data away from prying eyes make it much harder for hackers to deceive your staff and infiltrate your company with business email compromise or social engineering attacks.

Kaytuso: Educate has a comprehensive training plan to help your employees improve their digital hygiene.

  • With data being stored in multiple locations, it's easy for users to inadvertently misplace or leak data to an unsecured location. Our training includes topics such as data handling best practices and how to maintain consistent back-ups to keep data safe from corruption or leakage.

  • Social media sites are an excellent resource for both businesses and hackers, which is why Kaytuso: Educate teaches employees how to safeguard social media accounts and securely build and maintain an online public persona.

Comprehensive digital hygiene cannot be achieved with a one-off training session. Instead, it’s the product of a documented strategy for the maintenance of hardware, software, and user behavior. For companies that want to ensure proper digital hygiene, Kaytuso: Educate can provide regular training sessions to make sure its importance is communicated and observed throughout your organization.

Regular Education is the Key to Strong Cybersecurity

Not all cybersecurity training programs are effective. Infrequent, all-day lectures that inundate your employees with complex technical jargon or long lists of best practices will likely fail to yield the increased security you need.

The Kaytuso team has found that a system of frequent micro-training sessions is the best way to build a strong culture of cybersecurity. These sessions, conducted online, can easily slot into busy employee schedules and help you build an up-to-date awareness of cybersecurity best practices that won’t fade away as a single training session might.

Our multilingual, online training programs provide a range of benefits over one-off training sessions

Security Awareness Training
  • We’ll help you pick from over 700+ interactive & engaging training modules
  • Industry & role-based training microlearning videos
  • Personalized learning plans
  • Posters, newsletters & tip sheets
Anti-Phishing Training & Simulation
  • 1,000s of realistic phishing templates
  • Phishing indicators with learner tips
  • One-click email reporting & quarantine plugin
  • Threat analysis and classification
  • Optional simulation replies tracking
Analytics & Reporting
  • Analytics & reporting dashboard
  • Automated reporting
  • Security posture scorecards
  • Learner report cards
  • Performance leaderboards by group or department
Client Support
  • Professional custom training module creation services
  • 32+ languages & 100s of international templates
  • Analytics & reporting to measure progress and compliance
Learner Assessment
  • Baseline knowledge assessments
  • 100s of preloaded assessment questions

Flexible Cybersecurity Training Solution to Meet Any Need

Kaytuso: Educate can provide all the cybersecurity training and awareness your team needs — in your time and at your convenience. If you’d like to learn more about how Kaytuso: Educate helps companies increase their cybersecurity preparedness, we invite you to contact the Kaytuso IT security experts with your questions. Our helpful, friendly team is happy to learn more about your current cybersecurity programs and help get you on a path to increased awareness and readiness.

Contact us any time at or 212-792-9932 to speak with one of our experts. We look forward to speaking with you.

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