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Your organization deserves extraordinary customer service and robust solutions backed by industry-leading experts. Our security team works day and night to ensure your business is safeguarded against today’s most complex cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Support Center

The following cybersecurity support options are for existing clients only. If you’re looking to make any sales, media or general inquiries, you can reach Kaytuso security experts by calling us at 212-792-9932 or visit our Contact page for more information.

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Kaytuso Cybersecurity Rapid Assistance

Kaytuso Cybersecurity Rapid Assistance

Please call 212-710-2338 to request your remote access code and to be connected to a Kaytuso security technician. Once received, please click below to be redirected to our Quick Support portal.

Connect to Kaytuso Quick Support

To report an urgent cybersecurity incident, please contact us immediately at 212-710-2338. For all other non-critical requests, you can reach us conveniently by submitting a new support ticket via our online form.

Remember: each Kaytuso support ticket is meticulously tracked from the beginning until the end to ensure that valued clients like you get the best customer experience. We strive to improve our level of service continuously, and your input and feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your business – we work hard every day to maintain the trust you put in us.

– The Kaytuso Team

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If this is an emergency, please call us at 212-710-2338 to speak with a technician.